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Sun Yizhou (孙 一舟)
Born in Beijing, China, 2000.

He studied painting and contemporary art practice at The High School Affiliated to CAFA from 2015 to 2019.

He established himself as a sound-based artist and performing artist through self-practice, and became active in Beijing’s underground music scene since 2019. He also started his music tour around the country at the same year.

He currently lives in Beijing and is a conceptual artist, improviser, composer, performer, organizer, and a label operator working primarily with sound. He is also a member of The Impro Committee.

He works mainly with electronic equipment: internal/external console feedback systems, Max/MSP, audio signal generators, his innovative input-less preamp systems, and sometimes a mix of these ideas above. He also use record-less turntables, objects, vocals, and human body as acoustic instruments during improvisations, and sometimes would perform more specific conceptual works alternatively. As a solo musician, he performs and records in collaboration with a wide range of other musicians as well.

He has release works in CD format、cassettes as well as digital online publishing through various labels from London, Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu. Some of his tracks have been broadcast on radio stations such as CAMP Radio (France), 5wuguan5 (Spain) and Radiostudent (Slovenia). And there are record reviews featured in Vital Weekly (NL), Dusted Magazine (USA), Noisenotmusic (USA) and ATTN: Magazine (UK).

His recent participations in festivals and exhibitions include: Amplify 2020 Festival (New York), 9th OCAT Biennale (Shenzhen), Musiklos 4 Goethe Institute (Beijing), Vital Sounding Festival (Chengdu)...

He is also the label operator of Aloe Records (www.aloerecords.com). Founded in Oct, 2022, Aloe Records is a limited edition physical publishing label, releasing works primarily on experimental and improvised music, especially post-2000 improvised music/conceptual sound works from time to time. The label wishes to gradually promote connections between contemporary musicians/artists over Asia and Europe.



Vital Sounding Festival,2020 Vital Sounding Festival,2020
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