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Sun Yizhou

Born in Beijing, China in 2000.
He started his performance in 2019 in the underground scene in Beijing and has been performing until today; he is also gradually performing all over China.

He mainly uses electronic devices such as: internal/external feedback systems, MAX/msp, and his innovative no-input preamp system... Also, he performs with objects, vocals, bodies, environments, and sometimes even just a specific conceptual art. He performing and recording both as a soloist and in collaboration with numerous other musicians.

Most of his compositions aretextual scores, with some graphic compositions. Basically, they are developed from improvised music.

His music recordings have been released on various independent labels in Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, and have been broadcast on radio stations such as 5wuguan5 in Spain and radiostudent in Slovenia.

His recent participation in exhibitions and festivals include:
Amplify 2020 Festival (New York), 9th OCAT Biennial (Shenzhen), Vital Sounding Festival (Chengdu) Making Sound Jia Ma Festival (Beijing) ......

Institutions/organizations that have exhibited their work and performances include:
Goethe-Institut (Beijing), Shanghai Bund Art Museum (Shanghai), OCAT Research Center (Beijing/Shenzhen),  Daechumoo Fine Art (Gangwon Province), Sub Jam (Beijing),  Zoomin' Night (Beijing), Audible Area (Chengdu), Vital (Chengdu) , Where's the Zeitgeist? Editorial (Shanghai), Wu Jin (Beijing), BACA Nook Gallery (Beijing) ......

contact: sunyizhou@126.com






Amplify 2020 音乐节(纽约)、第9届OCAT双年展(深圳)、Vital实验声音艺术节(成都)Making Sound Jia Ma 音乐节(北京)……

歌德学院(北京)、外滩美术馆(上海)、大竹美术馆 (江原道)、OCAT研究中心(北京/深圳)、撒把芥末(北京)、燥眠夜(北京)、听阈(成都)、Vital(成都) , 时代精神在哪里?编辑部(上海)、五金(北京)、旮旯空间(北京)……

联系: sunyizhou@126.com

Vital Sounding Festival,2020 Vital Sounding Festival,2020
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