Chinese, born 2000 Beijing,now working and living in Beijing. Making more “non-music”.

Recent exhibitions and music festivals he has attended include: Amplify 2020 Festival (New York), Vital Sounding Festival (Chengdu) Making Sound Jia Ma Festival (Beijing) The institutions and organizations exhibiting his works and performances include: OCAT Research Center (Beijing), 798 Goethe Institute (Beijing), Daechumoo Fine Art (Gangwon), Sub Jam (Beijing), Zoomin' Night (Beijing), Audible Area (Chengdu), Vital (Chengdu), whereisthezeitgeist? Editing office (Shanghai), Wu Jin (Beijing), BACA Nook Gallery (Beijing)...


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︎ Exhibition展览

︎Personal projects

Sun Yizhou
"Feedback in the Feedback Room"
Plate Space, Beijing,China,2021

︎Group Exhibition

The rhythm of hitting 50 rebounds each
Simulacra space,online,2021

worldwide express
Daechumoo Fine Art,Gang Neung,Korea,2020

No Soul Please
The Cure Room,Beijing,China,2020

You Won Fair and Square
798 Art Box,Beijing,China,2020

Talk in one's sleep
Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing,China,2019