Chinese, born 2000 Beijing,now working and living in Beijing. Making more “non-music”.


︎Relevant to the audience

︎Soft: Music for the audience 温柔:给观众的作曲  2021

Soft: Music for the audience
Goethe institut(China), Beijing

During the workshop, each player was given a blank paper the size of a postcard, on which they printed different combinations of convex dots, and then performed according to the instructions using everyday objects as instruments.

︎ Dogma Music 道格玛音乐  2020

Vital Sounding Festival
Dogma Music
Nu Space, Chengdu

There are no more records due to composition content. Performers must follow these ten principles to the end:

1. The preparation of the performer is also part of the performance;

2. Perform in the audience as far as possible and do not accept special lighting;

3.the performer does not need to start and end at the same time, do not use any method to time, please forget the time;

4. Players are invited to exchange instruments for performance;

5. a period of time blank, a period of time long tone, please define "a period of time"

6.Don't need to listen to each other, please close your ears;

7. The audience can talk loudly or disturb the musicians.

8.No end, until the last audience left;

9. Please place the recording equipment in the corner to record;

10. The name of composer and performer shall not appear in the program list.

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