︎Restore electronic

︎Focus 焦点

Equipment: One 3.5mm audio cable, boss ns-2

Released by Hard Return (HR034)
Recorded on May 17, 2022, Beijing

The two tracks are roughly the same length and structure. Both are current noise generated by my touching a 3.5mm audio cable tip with right hand, maintaining two separate hand gestures (pinching and clutching) and holding it largely still. I had quite a cup of hot water before recording clutching, in which the intermittent mid-range frequencies were the sweat in my clenched hand, the shivering touched by the static had me moved a few times.

My idea is to stretch out a point of focus, psychedelically. The current swells and overloads in time, tightens. Something long and simple.



︎Noise floor 底噪

Equipment: Yamaha MG82cx mixing board, Yamaha HS8 monitors

Recorded in home, Beijing, November 14, 2021
Released by bluescreen (bl10)
Mixed and mastered by Sun Yizhou in the January of 2022

When I work on audio at home, my monitors and mixing board always have some faint noise floor. I think it depends partly on dirty current noise, Chinese 50 Hz household AC, and dust inside the mixing board, maybe many other factors.Sometimes, I want to remove it, and sometimes I also listen to it. This periodic dryness fascinates me. It makes sense, I recorded it.

A lot of my electronic music compositions in the past two years have been related to no-input mixing boards, this time with only outputs. I used the my first mixing board, amplified noise floor. Some tracks use phantom +48V. L1-5 is the microphone aimed at the bass part of the recording, and H1-3 is the treble part. Equalization and compression of the audio, no other effects are processed and adjusted.

It may sound boring, but I like it.




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