︎Personal Music:one piece of secret

Sun Yizhou
(10/10) , 2020
Daechumoo Fine Art, Gang Neung, Korea

Personal Music: A piece of privacy work is called "Personal Musicone piece of secret". The storage medium is a USB flash drive. There are ten copies in total. Each is a part of a complete private recording audio file,so each piece is different. Three editions was shown in the "You Won Fair and Square" exhibition.

This is a work with music as its starting point. It is said that it is music, and it is more "non-music". After John Cage, how do we face, how to find, or destroy. I won't go into more details about the background or startng point. However, just as the title of the work "Personal Music" is the general name, it is still emphasiziing that the work is music rather than "sound art". For example, different media may be discovered in the process, and the results may even be "like" devices, behavior records, etc., but the starting point of music or "non-music" will not change.

Personal first means that they are personal and physical. I am recently interested in the privacy of this kind of listening. Everyone's ears, the sound output from the headphones, the sound source of the headphone is close to the tympanic membrane, is the most private listening space, perhaps this may be the beginning of a series of creative projects in the future. Secondly, it means that the copyright ©  of this work belongs to the collector. The artist only has the right to sign, the artist cannot keep the original document, and cannot publish on any platform. The only audio file is only stored in the U disk, and collectors can delete and modify, release audio on profitable platforms, physical works exhibition, secondary sales, etc.

The former "Personal Music" focuses on the premise of the description of the work, while the latter one piece of secret" focuses on the structure and content of the work. “One piece of one piece of” is cut neatly and smoothly like a sharp knife. This is my thinking and processing on the structure of music, without modification, no transition, and no technical content of ten knives, divided into ten parts, and handed them to customer. Some are just moments before the climax, some are flat, some are silent... Then I have said so much, what is the content inside! "Privacy secret" is the content of the work, yes, a piece of my personal secret, private intertext between my privacy and private music, using ASMR's low voice and the background sound of the field recording, I did not deal with my nasal breathing airflow hitting the microphone the noise (with ASMR aesthetics removed) also has the sound of simulated CD cards (I think it is a twitch of time). Anyway, what's in it, it's a bad recording, I will tell you quiely......

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