Personal background

Born in Beijing, China, 2000Study painting at The High School Affiliated to CAFA (Beijing), from 2015 to 2019Study sound collage and contemporary art through self-practice, at 2017
Attended first year college and dropped out at the same year at 2020
Became active in China’s underground music scene, performed over 50 lives from 2019 til 2023
Released first album at 2020

Professional experience

Based in Beijing, he works primarily with sound as an improviser, composer, coceptual artist and label operator. He is also a member of The Impro Committee.

With influences from The New York School and Fluxus, he gradually came into the contact with the later improvised music from 2000 onwards, and works on electronic improvisations and Echtzeitmusik himself, with many of the works focus on electronic feedback. He also use human body and varies noises during improvisations. His artistic projects involves relational aesthetics concern and site-specific approach. As a solo musician, he performs and recording works in collaboration with a wide range of other musicians.

He founded Aloe Records (aloerecords.com) in Oct, 2022. Aloe Records is an independent limited edition physical publishing label, focus on experimental and improvised music, especially of post-2000 improvised music/conceptual sound works. The label wishes to promote connections between contemporary musicians/artists over Asia and worldwide.

He has released CDs, cassettes and digitals publishing through international networks, from labels from London, Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu. His works being broadcasted on radio stations such as 5wuguan5 (Spain), Radiostudent (Slovenia), CAMP (French), and record reviews featured in Vital Weekly (NL), Dusted Magazine (USA), Noisenotmusic (USA) and ATTN: Magazine (UK).

Past participations in festivals, workshops and exhibitions include: The 9th OCAT Biennale (Shenzhen, 2022), Composition for Audience Workshop (The Goethe Institute, Beijing, 2021), Vital Sounding Festival (Chengdu, 2021), Amplify 2020 Festival (Erstwhile Record, New York, 2020), The 4th Musiklos (The Goethe Institute, Beijing, 2020)…