Sun Yizhou is an experimental musician based in Beijing. In these one or two years, he has engaged on using non-musical musics, such as feedback, electronic, performance, or even a particular concept, as his media.

Recent exhibitions and music festivals he has attended include: Amplify 2020 Festival (New York), 9th OCAT Biennale(Shenzhen), Vital Sounding Festival (Chengdu) Making Sound Jia Ma Festival (Beijing)
The institutions and organizations exhibiting his works and performances include:  Rockbund Art Museum (Shanghai),OCAT Research Center (Beijing), Goethe Institute (Beijing), Daechumoo Fine Art (Gangwon), Sub Jam (Beijing), Zoomin' Night (Beijing), Audible Area (Chengdu), Vital (Chengdu), whereisthezeitgeist? Editing office (Shanghai), Wu Jin (Beijing), BACA Nook Gallery (Beijing)...

contact: sunyizhou@126.com

︎ Upcoming Event 活动预告

December 31, 2021 – January 24, 2022
Sun Yizhou+Torsion Field
performances at the 9th OCT biennaleocat
OCAT studio a & b, Shenzhen

January 9, 2022
Yan Jun, Shen Bin,MU, Zhao Junyuan, Sun Yizhou,Ake
Torsion Field concert no.1
OCAT studio a & b, Shenzhen

January 12, 2022
Sun Yizhou+Yan Jun
Mirror duo
OCAT studio a & b, Shenzhen

January 16, 2022
Sun Yizhou+Valecony
Torsion Field concert no.2
OCAT studio a & b, Shenzhen

January 18-20, 2022
Sun Yizhou+Valecony
Switch Quartet
OCAT studio a & b, Shenzhen

January 19, 2022
Let the audience be the audience
Workshops + Performances
OCAT studio a & b, Shenzhen

January 16, 2022
Sun Yizhou,???
OCAT studio a & b, Shenzhen

More Past Events...

︎ Projects 项目

Recently 最近

Notes, words or pictures of daily events that occurred recently. Some wrong thinking, only published in the website.

Performance 表演

Most of them are performance works created for museum and independent spaces. The starting point is music composition. It is related to body, structure, and space.

Electo-acoustic Improvisation 电声即兴

Most use feedback (mixer feedback and microphone feedback), sometimes MAX/MSP and oscillator.I am currently interested in electronic output to different speakers. Mostly improvised ensembles with other musicians.

Composition 作曲

Most of them are composing instructions, related to linear time and musical structure. At the same time, they are also composed for different spaces.Recently there has been more about the creation of graphic composition.

Relevant to the audience与观众有关

Are the audience and the performer antagonistic? Can the audience become performers? At the same time, how does a performer behave like an audience? I'd like to blur this relationship, please click here for more.


Sometimes it refers to improvisational performances with human voices, sometimes it refers to recordings that are mainly verbal descriptions.

︎ Publications出版物

Music/Sound 音乐/声音

Sun Yizhou & Liang Hao - Closer/Further
(Zoomin' Night;Beijing;2021)Tape

Sun Yizhou & Sun Wei - Only one straight line can pass between two points
(audible area;Chengdu;2021)CD

Sun Yizhou - Personal music:one piece of secret
(Independent released;2020)U disk


TAPES FOR CHARITY vol.2 :Zoomin' Night (nugget records;Beijing;2021)Tape

Online Released 线上发行

Sun Yizhou - soft(Bandcamp;2021)

Sun Yizhou & Xiang - Two Variables

Sun Yizhou & Mai Mai - Shanghai Live: Electronic Duo(Bandcamp;2021)

It Doesn't Mean Anything
(AMPLIFY 2020 Festival;Erstwhile;Antarctica;2020)

Bat Music NO.2(Miji concert 66,Subjam;China;2020)

Book 书

SLOWCORE music and performance section of 9th ocat biennale, shenzhen

Worldwide Express&纵横四海 You Won Fair and Square
(Daechumoo fine art;2020)

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