Upcoming Event 活动预告

August 28, 2022
Ake, Sun Yizhou, Liu pi, Yu Liujing, Zhu Wenbo...
WU JIN space, Beijing

September 1, 2022
Du Yino + Zhang Taiming, Ake, Sun Yizhou, Yan Jun...
Living Room Tour, Beijing

September 11, 2022
Li Jianhong, Li Qing, Li Weisi, Yan Jun, Sheng Jie, Sun Yizhou, USISI, VAVABOND ...
UFO space , Beijing

September 27, 2022
Solo or Duo
Zoomin' Night
Fruity space, Beijing

December 10, 2022
play John Cage & Marcel Duchamp - reunion (1968)
MOCAUP, Shenzhen

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Projects 项目

Performance 表演

Most of them are performance works created for museum and independent spaces. The starting point is music composition. 

Electo-acoustic Improvisation 电声即兴

Shown here are the usual electronic devices/patches used to create Electo-acoustic Improvisation, which are basically self-made.

Restore electronic 还原电子

Their commonality is to provide only phenomena, are reduction in the simplest way, a kind of meta-electronic music (not really music), all sounding very dry.

Composition 作曲

Most compositions aretextual scores, with some graphic compositions. Basically, they are developed from improvised music.

Relevant to the audience 与观众有关

Can the audience become performers? At the same time, how does a performer behave like an audience? I'd like to blur this relationship, please click here for more.

Voice 人声

Sometimes it refers to improvisational performances with human voices, sometimes it refers to recordings that are mainly verbal descriptions.

Publications 出版物

Physical Records 实体发行

Sun Yizhou & Zhu Wenbo - Responses


Sun Yizhou & Zheng Hao - Another time

Sun Yizhou & Liang Hao - Closer/Further
[Zoomin' Night;Beijing;2021]Tape

Sun Yizhou & Sun Wei - Only one straight line can pass between two points
[Audible area;Chengdu;2021]CD

Sun Yizhou - Noise floor

Sun Yizhou - Heresy
[Karma Detonation Tapes;Taipei;2022]Tape

Sun Yizhou - Personal music:one piece of secret
[Independent released;2020]U disk

Digital Released 数字发行

Sun Yizhou - soft
[Independent released;2021]

Sun Yizhou & Mai Mai - Shanghai Live: Electronic Duo
[Independent released;2021]

It Doesn't Mean Anything
[AMPLIFY 2020 Festival;2020]

Bat Music NO.2
[Miji concert 66,Subjam;2020]

Compilation 合辑

Silence is shit

[nugget records;Beijing;2021]Tape

Book 书

SLOWCORE music and performance section of 9th ocat biennale

Worldwide Express&纵横四海 You Won Fair and Square
[Daechumoo fine art;2020]

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