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July 15, 2022
Sun Yizhou...
Boring Video Conference
Torsion Field, Online

July 10, 2022
Sun Yizhou+Zhu Wenbo, Du Yinuo, Liang Hao+Liu Lu
miji concert 73
studio h, Beijing

June 10-12, 2022
Sun Yizhou+Torsion Field
performances at the 9th OCT biennaleocat
OCAT studio a & b, Shenzhen

April 26, 2022︎
Sun Yizhou+Liang Hao (composition)
Zoomin' Night
Fruity space, Beijing

March 11, 2022︎
Wen Zhiyong + Sheng Jie + thruoutin + Sun Yizhou + Beiou
UFO Space,Beijing

February 22, 2022︎
Sun Yizhou Solo and Duo with VAVABOND
Zoomin' Night
Fruity space, Beijing


December 25, 2021
Sun Yizhou+Yan Jun
Building 23 community, Beijing

December 4, 2021︎
Sun Yizhou+Zhu Wenbo
Composition for the audience
Goethe institut(China), Beijing

November 21, 2021
Sun Yizhou+Yu Mingjing
Vital Sounding Festival, Chengdu

November 21, 2021
Sun Yizhou+Zhu Wenbo
Ming room bookstore, Shanghai

November 20, 2021︎
Sun Yizhou+Zhu Wenbo
Cracks on the Circumference
Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai

November 6, 2021︎
Sun Yizhou,Ake,Xiang,Yan Jun,Zhu Wenbo,Zhao Cong
Vital Sounding Festival, Beijing

October 29/31, 2021
Chaoyang, Beijing

October 24, 2021
Sun Yizhou,zheng wei,ge & cheng
miji concert 71
studio h, Beijing

October 26, 2021
Sun Yizhou+Mu
Zoomin' Night
Fruity space, Beijing

September 28, 2021
Sun Yizhou+Zhu Wenbo+Dong Xing
Zoomin' Night
Fruity space, Beijing

September 4, 2021
Sun Yizhou+Zheng Hao

August 29, 2021
Sun Yizhou+Zheng Hao
Ming room bookstore,Shanghai

July 31,2021
Sun Yizhou+ghostmass (li qing, li weisi, yan jun)+Ake
UFO Space,Beijing

July 27, 2021
Sun Yizhou+Liang Hao,Zhu Wenbo+ liu lu,Mu+Zhao Cong,Chen Ran
Zoomin' Night
Fruity space, Beijing

July 22, 2021
Sun Yizhou
Macalline Art Center
Fruity space, Beijing

July 4-10,10-11pm, 2021
Sun Yizhou,ake,Yan Jun,Liang Hao...
Silence is shit
Mobile phone at home,Beijing

June 20, 2021
Sun Yizhou + Freshwater Rabbit
Switch Quartet
Simulation Space, Beijing

June16, 2021︎
Sun Yizhou
"Feedback in the Feedback Room"
Plate Space, Beijing

May 25, 2021

Sun Yizhou + Zhu Wenbo, You Ran, Liu Lu
Zoomin' Night
Fruity space, Beijing

May 3, 2021
Junyuan, Xu Cheng, Maimai, Sun Yizhou, Xiang, Jun Yan
Naxspace, Shanghai

April 27, 2021
Sun Yizhou + Liang Hao, Zhu Wenbo, Vavabond
Zoomin' Night
Fruity space, Beijing

April 10, 2021
yan jun + liu lu, ake + zhu wenbo, sun yizhou +liang hao
Miji Concert 69
Studio h, Beijing

March 6, 2021︎
Yan Jun ,Sun Yizhou, Dong Xing, YanFeiFei
OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Beijing

January 20, 2021
17Audible area | Vol:17
13Lounge, chengdu


October 31, 2020
Yan Jun ,Sun Yizhou
The Cure Room, Beijing

December 12, 2020
Sun Yizhou Li Jianhong VAVABOND Yan Jun Sheng Jie Zhu WenBo Zhao Cong Liu Lu Dong Xing
Making Sound Jia Ma Fest vol.1 UFO Space, Beijing

november 25/26, 2020
“ Vital ”Sounding Festival
Nu Space, Chengdu

October 1, 2020
Xiang, Ake, Sun Yizhou, Liu Lu, Yan Jun Tiny Space Concert 6
WU JIN space, Beijing

September 12/13, 2020︎
musiklos 4
with audience, impro committee
Goethe institut(China), Beijing

September 11, 2020︎
"Have Time" Workshop
with audience, impro committee
Goethe institut(China), Beijing

August 21, 2020︎
Sun Yizhou+Zhu Wenbo;Yan Jun; leftear miji concert 67
Subjam stidio h, Beijing

March 7,2020︎
Sun Yizhou
Practice 11#Zoomin' Night Live at home, Yanjiao

January 10, 2020
Yan Jun, Sun Yizhou
Blank Poetry Club activities
Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing


December 27, 2019
A Ke, Sun Yizhou, Zhu Wenbo,John Wilton,Ryuzaki,Theo Stapleton 4 Tiny Space Concert 4
WU JIN space, Beijing

October 20, 2019︎
Ake, Sun Yizhou, LIU Lu, John Wilton, Ryuzaki 1 Tiny Space Concert 1
WU JIN space, Beijing

October 13, 2019︎
kayu nakada, yuma takeshita, hiroyuki ura, yan jun + sun yizhou
miji concert 63
Subjam studio h, Beijing

October 11,2019
Sun Yizhou, Ake, He You
“I Feel No Longer At Home At Home”
BACA Nook Gallery, Beijing

August 18, 2019︎
Taku Sugimoto, Tomato Improvisation Committee (Zhao Cong, A Ke, Li Qing, Li Weisi, Zhu Wenbo, Yan Yulong, Yan Jun, Liu Lu, Sun Yizhou, He You)
fruity space, Beijing

August 17, 2019︎
Taku Sugimoto, Anzi and Yan Jun, Beijing Humming Quartet (Sun Yzhou, A Ke, He You, Zhao Cong) miji concert 62
Subjam studio h, Beijing

July 6, 2019︎
Sun Yizhou, Soviet Pop, Yan Jun, Yan Yulong miji concert 61
Subjam studio h, Beijing

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